Chan Xin Yi 曾歆沂

Music Interests

Chinese pop music, but open to any genre!


As a student, my co-curricular activities have always been related to music. After graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology, I decided to pursue lyrics-writing at Funkie Monkies Pop Music School. With a stroke of luck (and some practice), I won two lyrics-writing competitions in 2011. They are the NTU Music Express 17 Regional Chinese Song Writing Competition (Best Lyrics) and Radio 1003 词有词理 Lyrics Writing Competition (Open Category – Champion). In the next year, I sold my very first lyrics to Mediacorp Channel 8 for a children’s television series “Rock Republic 摇滚异族”. Apart from writing lyrics, I am also a full-time Associate Librarian with the National Library Board.