De Fang 德芳

Music Interests

French, Jazz, Pop, World music


DeFang has worked as an arranger, composer and keyboardist for several Malaysian and Singaporean artists like Joyce Chu 四叶草, Jean Goh 吴思佳 and Aisyah Salim. She has also scored for several short films including ‘Love Exist’, an award-winning short film funded by Temasek Holdings. Being classically trained at a young age, she has attained a Diploma in Performance from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Besides piano performances, she has also performed and conducted at the Singapore Guitar Ensemble Festival. She is currently pursuing an Economics at Nanyang Technological University.


Jean Goh (HuiJIa)

Love Exist

Joyce Chu (All of Me)

Joyce Chu (Try)

AIsyah Salim (Blank Space)