Jason ‘Jaydos’ Chong 钟显賢

Music Interests

R&B, Electropop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dance


For my day job, I work as an audio engineer in an audio-post production facitliy. We do mainly TVCs and commercials. I started music when I was around 13 years old, first picking up the guitar, then the drums and finally the bass guitar as my principal instrument. I went on to play in some bands and ended up playing corporate jazz gigs for a short time with some close friends. When I was 18, I started learning how to produce and arrange my own songs. In 2011, I left Singapore to further my studies overseas in Melbourne, under the sponsorship of MDA, majoring in Audio Engineering & Sound Production. It was during my time in Melbourne that I came under the tutelage of an Australian music veteran, picking up many things from him and I’ve never stop improving myself since.

《跳起來》by 陳夢晨