Yun Huiling 雲慧玲

Music Interests

I listen to music of all genres & my main interest is mostly in singing, guitar playing, songwriting, handicrafts, cooking & etc.


I was born in Singapore and had interest in music ever since young whereby I was mainly exposed to Mandarin songs. Greatly influenced by mainly local singers such like Kit Chan, Tanya Chua & JJ Lin, DreamzFm. Etc. I was in Chinese Orchestra during secondary school & I took up vocal lessons with Peter Tan & Liu Zhiwen at Lee Wei Song Sch of Music in 1997. Thereafter I started showing interest in guitar playing & songwritingwhereby I wrote my first original composition in 2006. I was selected to attend Yes933 Nokia Music Camp at Music Clinic in 2006 & was invited to participate in a radio program,《曲有奇理。肯定有你》by UFM 1003 which was hosted by Ah Ken and Hagen Tan in 2008. Composed and sang for one of the songs titled 《假装失憶》& 《豆沙包》during the program Thereafter I had the chance to attend the MDA-WDA Career in Hit Melodies Writing course whereby one of my songs was sold during the course and I was signed as an exclusive writer by Funkie Monkies Productions shortly after the course. One of my originals was showcased during FM student’s Showcase at Hood Bar & Cafe in 2013 too. I was also selected to be in the FM Talent Team whereby we were given opportunities to perform our own originals at Library@Esplanade, Switch by Timbre & etc. Performed at NUS 16th & 17th XQRJ Regional Chinese Song Writing Competition Finals, whereby I sang for one of the finalist song, 《生病了》which was also the champion song. I also sang for one of the finalist song, 《綠色素》during the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2014 which was published in the Eco Music Challenge’s digital album in the very same year. Co-wrote “ Be Safe! Be Sound!” with friends for the WSH songwriting competition 2016 and got awarded 1st runner up.

Link to Be Safe! Be Sound! MV: