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Led by Singapore’s very own pride, critically acclaimed music producer/ composer/ arranger/ guitarist Eric Ng黄韵仁, and multi-award winning lyrics Xiaohan小寒, Funkie Monkies is a brand that instantly comes to mind when one speaks of local made Mandarin hits. The duo has been making waves in the Mandapop industry for the past 20 years. In 2006, they decided that it was time to start imparting their writing skills to new aspiring local songwriters. FM Pop Music School announced its grand opening on 31 March 2006.

Together with their fellow music maker Jim Lim 林倛玉, FM Pop Music School, the training wing of Funkie Monkies has groomed up to at least 500 local melody composers, lyricists as well as music arranger to date. Many of these trainees were subsequently signed as Exclusive writers by the Publishing wing of Funkie Monkies, on top of the steadily increasing number of talents discovered over the years. The Exclusive songwriters in Funkie Monkies Publishing have proven to have a strong presence in the local/ regional pop music industry, as well as writing advertising jingles and movie scoring/theme songs. Their works have been performed by A List artistes such as A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, Eason Chan, Jam Hsiao, Stefanie Sun and so on, featured in movies such as local hit movie 881, Imperfect, 3688, the Days and Regional movies such as even Hong Kong’s Breakup Club and china's "Voice of China - Turn You Around" etc. They had also written and produced jingles for Guinness, Samsung, F&N, Macdonalds, Super coffee etc.

Funkie Monkies Publishing is always on the look out for passionate new songwriters amongst their training wing to get them industry ready, providing them with a platform to have their works published and performed by the industry’s leading artistes. What better way to celebrate FM Pop Music School’s 10th year anniversary then to discover for more new songwriters? Except this time, Funkie Monkies Publishing will be looking out for hit making gems not only from FM Pop Music School, but also from the public.





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Funkie Monkies Songwriting Camp


We are bringing the Industry to You

— Eric Ng —


Funkie Monkies Publishing Songwriting Camp’s main objective is to provide aspiring songwriters/musicians an unique experience to work together to produce no less than 20 quality original song demoes, complete with melody, lyrics, vocals, music arrangement and production in 10 hours under the professional guidance of Asia’s music veterans (see “Mentors”). During this camp, the songwriters will experience an in-depth, hands-on exploration on the joys of collaborating in songwriting.

Through demo submissions from the public, Funkie Monkies will accept up to a total of 80 participants including vocalists, melody composers, lyricists, musicians and music arrangers, who will be grouped into self sufficient teams of 3 or 4. The teams will be given a room each at the Teo Heng KTV’s newest business venture at Star Vista mall. Mentors who are leading A&Rs, hit makers and music publishers will make their rounds, sharing tips and offering insights to up the level of their compositions.

At the end of the 10 hours, the participants will have to perform their works to the mentors, guests and invited media. Besides giving their input on the songs and the performances, the guests and mentors will also be sharing the real world song selection process and the current mandarin market trends. During the performance, earlier published hit songs written by Funkie Monkies’s Exclusive writers over the last 10 years will be performed as well!

Four awards of Best Song, Outstanding Lyricist, Outstanding Composer and Outstanding Music Arranger will be given out after the showcase. They will stand to win an Exclusive Writer’s contract which is a ticket to continued grooming by mentors at Funkie Monkies Publishing, an Exclusive Feature as well as prizes from Beyerdynamic and Teo Heng KTV.



Win an Exclusive Songwriter Contract from Funkie Monkies Publishing, Top Singapore Music Publisher

Top Music

Winners Determined by Top Music Industry Professionals


4 Award Categories : Best Song, Outstanding Lyricist, Outstanding Melody Composer, Outstanding Music Arranger


Prizes from BeyerDynamics and Teo Heng


Exclusive Feature Interview


FM Music
NAC Noise
CompassWarner Chappell
Teo Heng


Peak FusionBeyer Dynamic


Samuel Seow

Every song is a story. Be the author of yours.

— Xiaohan —


Entry Procedure

Step 1

1) Open to Singaporeans and Singapore PR
2) Applicants should not be under any publishing contractual obligations with any other music publishing house.
3) Fully available on 18th and 19th of June 2016

Step 2

Register with us simply by filling in this form http://goo.gl/forms/7k7Tc0q5Cz

Apply as a
1) Lyricist,
2) Composer
3) Music Arranger, whichever applicable.

Step 3

Submit your demo for selection process by 1st June 2016 to songcamp@fmmusic.com.sg (Details Below)

Step 4

 Upon “Notification of acceptance”, applicants are to sign the following contracts and send/email the signed contract to Funkie Monkies Publishing within 3 working days. Applicants will only be confirmed to attend the songwriting camp after the signed contract is received.
1) Terms and Conditions
2) Song by Song Contract

Demo Submission Details
By 1st June 2016 with the following details:
a)Email Header: Funkie Monkies “20 Hits in 10 Hours” The Songwriting Camp Demo Submission (Lyrics/Melody/Arrangement) *indicate where appropriate
b) Name (as per NRIC):
c) Works (1 Chinese lyrics or 2 demos of melody/ arrangements, whichever applicable).

Format of submitted works:
For Lyricists:

The lyrics should be submitted as microsoft word document (.doc) written in Font 12, 1.5 spacing.

For Melody composers:
– Demoes submitted are to feature a human voice (instrumental not permitted) performing the melody.The applicant is not allowed to sing to an existing commercially released pre-recorded track. The minimal requirement of one instrument backing up the song. Demos to be submitted in mp3 format (up to 320kbps).

For Music arrangers:
Music arrangements submitted have to be fully programmed by the applicant in audio form. No MIDI files or music scores are required. It can be in the form of original songs written by the applicant or a reinterpretation of existing songs, in which case the youtube link of the existing song must be included in the application. Music Arrangements are to be submitted in mp3 format (up to 320kpbs).

It takes more than talent to write a Hit Song

— Jim Lim —

Our Mentors

Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who built the dream

Ian Chen Jian Ning 陈建宁

Leader of Taiwanese band (F.I.R./ Renowned Producer)

View Profile

Ian Chen Jian Ning 陈建宁

Huang Ting 黄婷

Taiwanese A&R/ Renowned Lyricist

View Profile

Huang Ting 黄婷

Vickey Tseng

Greater China Director Of Warner/Chappell Music

View Profile

Vickey Tseng

Jessica Chang

Creative Executive Of Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan

View Profile

Jessica Chang

Eric Ng 黄韵仁

A-list Producer/Composer/Arranger, Founder of Funkie Monkies

View Profile

Eric Ng 黄韵仁

Jim Lim 林倛玉

A-list Producer/Composer/Arranger, Director of FM Pop Music School

View Profile

Jim Lim 林倛玉

Kuan Chi Yuan 管启源

Malaysian Producer, Renowned Lyricist

View Profile

Kuan Chi Yuan 管启源

Xiaohan 小寒

Renowned Lyricist, Founder of Funkie Monkies

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Xiaohan 小寒


There is no greater satisfaction than watching an audience united by a song you penned

— Eric Ng —



Newest Update!

Submit Your Registration and Demo submission Now! Dateline: 1st June 2016

Write the Song in You!

— FM Pop Music School —


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