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With the emotional value of music impacting lives of people everywhere. Corporations recognise the importance of weaving music into their marketing and branding strategy. Through custom written corporate jingles, product placements, brand sponsorship, talent mentorship, advising and organising music related events, concerts, competitions etc. FM has successfully worked with alongside with various well-known brands, providing consultation services to work music into their branding. Ultimately enhancing their image to reach out to their desired target audience…

In 2010, FM’s innovative collaboration with Guinness to mentor aspiring live acts in line with their “Rise Together” message through the Guinness “Live Unplugged!” tour bagged the Guinness team the Diageo Marketing Brilliance Awards. Contact us to find out more on how we can work with you to reach out to your audience through music.

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Consultation Services

  • Advising and Organising Music Related Events, Concerts, Competitions

  • Brand Sponsorship

  • Custom Written Corporate Jingle

  • Product Placements

  • Talent Mentorship

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  • Guinness ”Live unplugged”

    Guinness ”Live unplugged”

    27 October 2010, Singapore – Guinness collaborates with music industry veterans Eric Ng, Jim Lim and Xiao Han to unveil the theme song of Guinness Live! Unplugged talent programme and music event series, “Rise Together” 最够朋友. ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ is a talent development programme and event series that gives eight upcoming Chinese bands the opportunity
    Guinness Live

    Guinness Live

      What’s the best way to groom promising music talent? Throw them together in a room with some of Singapore’s music industry veterans as mentors, who will teach them the finer points of musical showmanship and about the music business, and then put them on stage where all the magic happens. That’s exactly what 12
    Arthur’s Day Concert 2012

    Arthur’s Day Concert 2012

    Arthur’s Day, named after GUINNESS founder Arthur Guinness, is an annual music event celebrated in over 55 countries by more than 1.5 million GUINNESS fans worldwide. Here in Singapore, the concert will feature some of the region’s most renowned Mando-pop stars including Taiwan’s Shin, Malaysia’s Gary Chaw, Paul Wong from Hong Kong and China’s Della