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Cao Xinhu


Dr Cao is a full-time researcher at National University of Singapore (NUS) specializing in Maritime Studies, as well as a singer-songwriter at heart. In 2017, upon completing the Hit Melody Composing course at Funkie Monkies, she was selected by chart-topping Mandopop songwriter-producers Eric Ng to be an exclusive songwriter at Funkie Monkies Publishing.

Guided by a strong sense of musicality thanks to her keyboard lessons at the age of 5, Xinhu developed a passion for composing and songwriting over the years. Her first great hit in her music career is the first song she ever pitched, titled 噴嚏 (Sneeze). The song is recorded by singer 朱興東 (Don Chu) in his album 孤獨感 (Loneliness) as the hit song, and achieved #3 in the Global Pop Music Gold Charts, Vol 382. Simultaneously, the song was selected to be the ending theme song of popular Chinese costume drama Princess Wei Yang (錦繡未央) in 2017.

Xinhu often participates in songwriting camps organized by Funkie Monkies, and enjoys working with fellow musicians. One of her fondest memories was embarking on the creation of a song demo with her mentor Eric Ng, and eventually completing the composition of lyrics, arrangement of melody and post-production of the song within 5 hours. The piece, titled 彼岸橋 (Bridge to the Other Side) has been contracted to be included in the latest album of Taiwanese superstar 田馥甄 (Hebe Tien) (previously part of S.H.E.). Co-wrote with Swedish multi-platinum singer songwriter producer, the piece, old school has been chosen by popular Hong Kong artist 钟汉良 (Wallace Chung).
Known and remembered for her versatility in music composition, Xinhu is well-versed in various music styles, ranging from Pop and Jazz to EDM and classical Chinese instrumentality. She is interested in fusing Western and Eastern styles of music and is definitely one to watch out for in the Asia music scene for her strong potential in music production!

Past Published Works under FM

2017 噴嚏, Sneeze By 朱興東 Don Chu

Melody writer, lyricist, demo vocalist
3rd on the Global Pop Music Gold Charts, Vol 382

2018 做個什麼都不懂的女人, To be a naïve woman By 馬藝瑄 Sora Ma

Melody writer, Lyricist