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Chan Xin Yi 曾歆沂

Music Interests

Pop music, but open to any genre!


Xin Yi holds a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology. She has also been awarded “Best Lyrics” at the NTU Music Express 17 Regional Chinese Song Writing Competition and “Open Category-Champion” at the Radio 1003詞有詞理Lyrics Writing Competition in 2011. Since signing on with Funkie Monkies, Xin Yi has gained valuable experience working with established songwriters in the region, and has published works with artistes in China and Taiwan.

Past Published Works under FM

《洛神賦》by 無双樂團(江晴)
《破曉》by 無双樂團(莉卡)
《並肩閃耀》by 1931女子偶像組合
《也沒差》by 王茉聿