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Frank Lee


FRANK LEE – Audio Engineer /Some Career Highlights

1. Dick Lee – Mad Chinamen Album (recording/mix engineer)
The album that broke Dick Lee into the Japanese market

2. 2012 China Music Media Awards nominee for Best Audio Engineering for Kit
Chan’s Album together with engineers Gary Leo and Sean Chan

3. Producer/Engineer for Pony Canyon local act Naked’s local radio hit “Don’t Cry”

4. Producer/Engineer together with Shah Tahir for local act Humpback Oaks highly acclaimed debut album “Pained Stained Morning” for Pony Canyon.

More Local Acts I was Involved with as Mix Engineer

Opposition Party, Stomping Ground, Lizards Convention,
The Mothers, X’Ho , Wicked Aura Batacuda, Jack and Rai,
Ming Bridges
And many others

Mandarin Music Acts I was Involved as Mix Engineer

Jackie Cheung, Emil Chao, A*Mei, Power Station, Gigi Leong, Sally Yeh, Eric Moo, Coco Lee, JJ Lin, Ado, Tanya Chua, Stephenie Sun, Na Ing, Karen Mok, Aaron Kwok
And many more others

Spotify Live Sessions

International artistes Yuna & Hunter Hayes (tracking/mixing)

Past Live Sound Engineering

Inhouse FOH engineer, Peppermint Park & Atlantis theatre & lounge
Personal FOH engineer for local prominent band Culture Shock
A*Mei Asian Tour – Monitor Engineer

Recent Live Sound Engineering

Cong Feng 11 (May 2013) @ The Esplanade Theatre – Strings Mixer
Liu Jia Chang (Sep 2014) S’pore Indoor Studium – Strings Mixer
Ming Tian 33 (Aug 2015) @ The Star Theatre – FOH Engineer
Ming Ge 40 (Aug 2015) @ The Star Theatre – FOH Engineer
Sing50 Concert at RWS – FOH Engineer
SMU Convocation 2015 – FOH Engineer (Choir, Symphonic Brass Band, Batacuda Ensemble)
JJLin Live @the Esplanade Concert Hall – FOH Engineer (32 piece Orchestra+Band)