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Guinness Live


Living the dream with Guinness Live


What’s the best way to groom promising music talent?

Throw them together in a room with some of Singapore’s music industry veterans as mentors, who will teach them the finer points of musical showmanship and about the music business, and then put them on stage where all the magic happens.

That’s exactly what 12 aspiring musicians will be doing as part of Guinness Live. In support of the local live music scene, Guinness is staging Guinness Live from November 1-March 1 2012 where the 12 will battle it out through a series of 54 live shows held in Dragonfly, Firefly and Shanghai Dolly, all part of the St James Power Station group.

They will also be mentored by seasoned Mandopop musicians and performers such as William Scorpion from Shanghai Dolly, Jason Chung from Dragonfly and Fatt Zhai from Firefly.

“Guinness Live is just what the music industry needs; a good platform to let aspiring performers know what it feels like to be a professional musician,” says Eric Ng, producer and founder of local music and talent company Funkie Munkies.