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Ho Jie Ying 何潔瑩

Music Interests

Pop / Guitar Instrumental Watching Concerts & Performances Favourite
Singer-Songwriters: 盧廣仲, 韋禮安, 五月天, 宇宙人, etc


Being pessimistically optimistic, Jie Ying is a living paradox, constantly balancing her world between the extremes. She deals mostly with numbers and data in her full-time profession and engages in lyric-writing in her own personal time. Her encounter with creative writing started off purely as a hobby, as she find sit therapeutic to pen personal encounters and unique perspectives through composing. Jie Ying’s love for music and writing took a leap when she acquainted Funkie Monkies. FM launched their inaugural lyric-writing class in 2006. Xiaohan encouraged her to enrol in the course and focus on writing lyrics. Since then, writing lyrics has been an integral part of Jie Ying’s life, as she journeys on and expresses her thoughts through her works. Being an avid supporter of local music and a fan of Jim Lim, Jie Ying is honoured to work with him for Ferlyn G’s 《不見不散》. She also collaborated with local singer-songwriter Hubert Ng for the title track 《放不開》 of his EP release. Other than recorded works, she has written the lyrics 《模糊邏輯》 (Chinese version of 《尼古丁》), which was performed live by Ruth Ling and Hanjin at Esplanade. Beyond the local scene, she has written 《裂痕》 for China boyband-BBF. She was also involved in the lyrics adaption of the K-pop song “Checkmate” from the original Hangul lyrics to its Chinese version《將軍》 for an anime series “菲夢少女 Shining Star”。

Past Published Works under FM

曲: Jaydos 詞: 何潔瑩

曲: 林倛玉 詞: 何潔瑩

曲: 陳奐仁/林雅慧 詞: 何潔瑩

曲: 㯤宇啠詞: 㯤宇啠/何潔瑩

《突破困境》(搖滾異族 Rock Republic)
曲: 黃佩琳 詞: 何潔瑩