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How Yunhan 侯藴涵

Music Interests

Any nice music that catches my ear. I enjoy listening to pop, pop/rock, acoustic and country music.


Yunhan, 侯蕴涵, started writing songs in her free time during her university years, playing the piano as her main instrument. She enrolled in the Career in Hit Songwriting course at Funkie Monkies Pop Music School in 2015, where she received training under professional producer/ arranger Eric Ng and Jim Lim. She won the Best Song Award in the 20 Hits in 10 Hours Songwriting Camp 2016 and was signed to Funkie Monkies Publishing as an exclusive songwriter. She also started to pick up music arrangement and production out of self-interest.

Her latest composition is《分解者》for 范世琦.

Past Published Works under FM