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Music Interests

R&B, Electropop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dance


Jaydos is a multi-instrumental songwriter, music producer and arranger hailing from the sunny island of Singapore. Starting his musical journey at the age of 14, his keen learning abilities has allowed him to teach himself instruments like the guitar, drums, keyboards and bass guitar, with the latter being his principal instrument.

He was awarded a scholarship by the Media Development Authority of Singapore in 2010 to pursue a Bachelor’s in Creative Technology, majoring in Audio Engineering & Sound Production at JMC Academy in Melbourne, Australia.

Jaydos was signed to Funkie Monkies Publishing as an exclusive songwriter and producer in 2014 upon returning to Singapore has since sold songs to various artistes and groups around the Asia-Pacific region. He has also arranged and produced for regional artists like 呂薔 Amuyi (Taiwan), Ferlyn G 黃晶玲 (Singapore), Mornin Chen 陈梦辰 (Taiwan), BBF (China), JPGirls (Vietnam) and many more. In 2016 he co-wrote and produced the song 《為夢想閃耀》 alongside veteran Mandopop singer Derrick Hoh 何維健 as a theme song for the drama ‘The Dream Coders《夢想程式》’ which was aired on Mediacorp’s Channel 8 in February 2017 and has been nominated for the Best Theme Song for the Star Awards 2018.

He has also participated in songwriting camps organised by Funkie Monkies in Singapore, and Warner Chappell Music in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Taiwan respectively. He was 1 of the 2 Singaporean representatives to participate in MUST’s first ever International Songwriting Camp in Oct 2017

Jaydos has been sought after locally and regionally as an arranger and producer for his expertise and taste in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM), R&B, Hip-hop, trap and Electro-Pop styles of music.

Notable Works:
呂薔Amuyi – 愛無所畏 Fearless Girl

何維健 Derrick Hoh – 為夢想閃耀 Shine On

BBF – 裂痕 Scar Of Love