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Ken Chong


Ken Chong is a chart topping, multi-award winning producer/arranger/songwriter. His accolades include ͞Best Original Music Score͟ category of the 2008 Phoenix Awards and grand prize winner of the FM 100.3 ͞My Production͟ Local Music Writing Competition (1999). Ken has written songs for major artists in the region, his latest work is lead off commercial single for Apple Music Asia, 彩虹金剛 (Rainbow Bot) by孫燕姿 (Stefanie Sun). He has also scored and composed for movies such as A Fantastic Ghost Wedding, Ghost Child, Ghost On Air etc. His works spans over TV commercials like Systema, Yakult, Subway, Pediasure, TOP Detergent etc., and TV programs like Psychic Vietnam (BBC), Hyper Rescue Tokyo (Nat. Geo.), Geng Anam, Moulmein High etc. As an educator, Ken teaches songwriting at FM Pop Music School and RP??#?#?#. Ken creates background soundscapes for Intervox Production Music Publishing (Germany) and Organic Music Library (USA). Ken was a judge for NTU’s song writing competition (2004), and the chairman for Peerwriters’ Club (Peermusic Publishing, 1999). Ken graduated from Bath Spa University (UK) with M. Mus. (Songwriting) (Distinction), and is currently pursuing his PhD in music at Nanyang Technological University.