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Nicole Chen Hui Zhen 陳慧真


Music Profile Summary :
• Business Analyst in the Oil and Petrolchemical Industry.
• Graduated from the pioneer batch of Funkie Monkies Lyrics Writing Class conducted by 小寒 in 2006 and was engaged as an Exclusive Writer for Funkie Monkies Productions in the same year.
• Published first piece of lyrical work (夜太美by 伊能靜) in July 2006 which was used as the theme song for浙江電視劇 <生死絕戀>.
• Collaborated with artistes from both the local mainstream and indie scenes, as well as the regional mandarin pop scene. Notable works include 錯愛 (張棟梁), 不倒玩偶(插班生),對(張杰)活在此刻(張韶涵),etc.
• Penned the lyrics for the theme song of 2012 Speak Mandarin Campaign (說 performed by 鄭可為/周志偉).
• Involved in the music production for Mediacorp Children’s Drama <搖滾異族> (Rock Republic).
Music Genre and Interests :
• Alternative Rock
Published Works :
• 活在此刻 – 張韶涵
March 2014
原曲:Lemon Tree
專輯:张韶涵 Angela Zhang

• 環保之歌 – 李思雅/黃業倫
December 2012
Mediacorp Children’s Drama “搖滾異族” Ep 9

• 相信自己 – 李思雅/黃業倫
November 2012
Mediacorp Children’s Drama “搖滾異族” Ep 1 & 4

• 說 – 鄭可為/周志偉
July 2012
作曲:Iskandar Ismail

• 對 – 張杰
November 2011
作曲:Matt Wong、Jessica Martinez

• 明日之前的每一天 – 彭康洋
November 2010
專輯:暗花 EP

• 不倒玩偶 – 插班生 (w.楊佳盈)
September 2010

• 常用語 – Lizz 梁麗怡
May 2009
作曲:Lizz 梁麗怡
專輯:“Lizz” EP

• 錯愛 – 張棟梁
April 2008
專輯:From Now On(新歌+精選)

• 夜太美 – 伊能靜
July 2006
浙江電視劇”生死絕戀” 主題曲