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Yun Huiling 雲慧玲

Music Interests

I listen to music of all genres that are interesting. Love singing, guitar playing & songwriting.


I was born in Singapore and had interest in music ever since young whereby I was mainly exposed to Mandarin songs. Greatly influenced by mainly local singers such like Kit Chan, Tanya Chua & JJ Lin, Dreamz Fm. Etc. I was in Chinese Orchestra during secondary school& I took up vocal lessons with Peter Tan & Liu Zhiwen at Lee Wei Song School of Music in1997. Thereafter I started showing interest in guitar playing & songwriting whereby I wrote my first original composition in 2006.I was selected to attendYes933 Nokia Music Camp at Music Clinic in 2006 & was invited to participate in a radio program,《曲有奇理。肯定有你》by UFM 1003 which was hosted by Ah Ken and Hagen Tan in 2008. Composed and sang for one of the songs titled《假裝失憶》&《豆沙包》during the program. Thereafter I had the chance to attend the MDA-WDA Career in Hit Melodies Writing course whereby one of my songs was sold during the course and I was signed as an exclusive writer by Funkie Monkies Productions shortly after the course. One of my originals was showcased during FM student’s Showcase at Hood Bar & Cafe in 2013 too. I was also selected to be in the FM Talent Team whereby we were given opportunities to perform our own originals at Library@Esplanade, Switch by Timbre & etc. Performed at NUS 16th & 17thXQRJ Regional Chinese Song Writing Competition Finals, whereby I sang for one of the finalist song,《生病了》which was also the champion song. I also sang for one of the finalist song,《綠色素》during the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2014which was published in the EcoMusic Challenge’s digital album in the very same year. Co-wrote “ Be Safe! Be Sound!” with friends for the WSH songwriting competition 2016 and got awarded 1st runner up. Attended a 3 weeks Songwriting Course at Musikmakarna in Sweden in 2018 whereby I get collaborate with Songwriters from Sweden, Taiwan, Mexico, USA and Singapore. Together we wrote 10 original songs.

Took part in several songwriting camps:
– Funkie Monkies Songwriting Camp “20 hits in 10 hours” in 2016
– Funkie Monkies Professional Songwriting Camp 2017
– Musikmakarna Songwriting Camp in Sweden, in 2018
– TSMC Songwriting Camp 2018

Past Published Works under FM

Be Safe! Be Sound!



《Braver Together》
Melody: Joshua Goh/JC Pang/Yun HuiLing/Eric Ng
Lyrics: Chan Xin Yi/ Ho Jie Ying/Ruijie Chong/Huang Zhengbin/Chua Yao Jun/Kelly Loh/Pey Yin Jie/Xiaohan